Curriculum: Middle School

Middle School: 6th Through 8th Grade

Our Middle School program focuses on preparing our students for studies at the high school level and beyond. Students participate in academically rigorous classes taught by subject-specific teachers. Midyear and final exams at the Middle School level provide students with the opportunity to synthesize their learning over a sizable period of time. Students learn and practice important study skills which empower them to be successful learners throughout their academic career.

In addition to receiving solid content and skills for each core subject, our Middle School students learn and utilize 21st Century skills through our one-to-one Chromebook program.  Teachers deliver instruction via engaging and meaningful media, and students practice skills independently, communicate with teachers, and collaborate with each other through shared documents, blogs, and various presentations. 

In the fall, two sessions of after school SSAT prep/tutorial are offered to students in the 7th and 8th grade.

Weekly, students participate in a Middle School Activities block during which they take part in service projects, learn life-changing lessons by listening to inspirational speakers, or engage with each other through our Middle School House System. 


  • Sacred Scripture
  • Image of God program
  • Pope John Paul II Theology of the Body program
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church


  • Cross curricular novel units combined with Glencoe reading program
  • Discussion-based literature classes

Language Arts 

  • Glencoe grammar program with emphasis on diagramming
  • Continuous writing process based on Nancy Atwell’s Writing Workshop
  • Wordly Wise and Simple Solutions


  • Hands on Equations
  • Pre-Algebra
    • 7th Grade advanced placement or 8th Grade placement
    • T1-Nsprire graphic calculations with real-life applications
  • Algebra 
    • 8th Grade advanced placement
    • T1-Nsprire graphic calculations with real-life applications


  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • STEMscopes Science program
  • Earth Science (6th Grade)
  • Life Science (7th Grade)
  • Physical Science (8th Grade)
  • Science Fair – with participation in local and state level competitions
  • Science Olympiad – with participation in regional level competitions

Social Studies 

  • Project-based assessments
  • Time period simulations
  • Challenging geography preparation for AP human geography high school class
  • Geography Bee