Guidance Counseling

Guidance Counseling Program

All students participate in our Guidance Counseling program.  Guidance lessons for students are bi-monthly for students in the Kindergarten through 5th grade and monthly for students in the Middle School.  Our certified counselor helps our students to develop skills in the areas of personal wellness, safety and health, friendship and social skills within our faith-based context.

The Guidance Counselor serves on the Student Success Team (SST) to assist with the learning needs of our students.  Coordination between the Guidance Counselor and SST Coordinator ensures that our students are jointly supported in both their academic and emotional needs. 

Lunch Bunch and Friendship Club: students in the Kindergarten through 3rd grade may participate in Lunch Bunch and Friendship Club in order to develop social and friendship skills within a small group setting.

Individual Counseling: in consultation with parents, our counselor provides short-term individual counseling sessions for students who are experiencing significant changes and challenges.