Soon-Ae Pyle Memorial Fund

Soon-Ae Pyle arrived in this world on the Summer Solstice in 2013, a bright, shining star whose love & light shone through with her first breath, her first cry, her first smile: and on April 19, 2018, she just as suddenly left this world taking her shining, bright light away with her.  

We, her family and friends, are richer for having known her and loved her: and we are all much poorer now that we no longer have her with us in this imperfect, physical realm. We know Soon-Ae lives on in Heaven with our loved ones: those of us who love her and miss her look forward to the day we will be reunited with her.

From birth, Soon-Ae was raised in the Catholic tradition, recieving the Holy Sacrament of Baptism, beginning her Catholic journey. When she passed away at four-years-old, Soon-Ae was still learning about Jesus, Mary, Heaven, and the Saints with the eagerness of her youth.

Soon-Ae always wanted to be a super-hero: her wish came true in many levels when her organs were donated to needy, ill children, giving them life they might have missed without her contribution. She loved all of Gods creatures, especially her three dogs, Saja, Shinji, and Scarlett. Her favorite playthings were toy engines she could take apart and put back together, as well as her robotic toys and remote-controlled cars. Our girl's favorite toy was her big, red fire truck which she drove through the neighborhood with other children in their own toy vehicles. She found great joy in the mysterious, and one of the many reasons she was eager to attend St. Catherine's was to become a part of their award-winning robotics program. Now that she is with Christ, Soon-Ae knows and understands all the great mysteries.
Soon-Ae loved to learn, and she was eagerly looking forward to Kindergarten at St. Catherine of Siena this Fall: talking endlessly about school principal, Sister .Mary Jacinta, and all the new friends she was going to make. She embraced St. Catherine's as her new home away from home, and her new adventure in learning.

Our sweet girl left this world before her dream of attending St. Catherine's was realized, so with this in mind, we, Soon-Ae's family, want to make Soon-Ae's dream a reality for other children who wish to attend St. Catherine's.

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For questions concerning the Soon-Ae Pyle Memorial  Fund, please contact via email Shana Watson or call 770-419-8601 extension 1418.