Yearbook Early Call!

Jan 28, 2020

The 2020 yearbook will be filled with pictures of our year together at St. Catherine’s and is a must have for all the students! We are happy to offer this all-color, extended hardcover edition at a special price of $25 each!

This price is valid from January 9 to March 13, 2020.After this, each copy will be priced at $35.


Please order your copy from the following link:

 Online sales will not be available after May 20th.


 Dedications for Grades K-7

You can also purchase the space for a dedication or a “shout-out” for your child or for a teacher from this site. Each dedication will be available for $5. Once you purchase the dedication, please send the message you would like included, to Mrs. John either by email( or in writing (envelope addressed to Mrs. John).

Last date for dedications is 4/30/2020.


We are also looking for ads to help support our yearbook. Please purchase a $25 space online, and send in your business card to Mrs. John to be included as sponsors of our yearbook. Last date for ads is 5/20/20. Space is limited, so please get these in fast!





Calling all photographers!

Help make the yearbook spectacular!

We are busy working on the pages of this unique early edition and are looking for pictures that have been taken during special events, class field trips, and especially TEAM SPORTS!! We need team pictures as well as action shots of Volleyball and Basketball.

Please share images using this site: