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Communication Responsibilities

The following is a summary of the procedures to be followed by the committee chairperson(s) for general communications.


Please contact all volunteers for your committee and welcome their participation. Volunteer hours should be documented on the Volunteer Hours Form.

Sign Up Genius

Before sending out a Sign Up Genius (SUG), please send Principal Kelly Wood a preview of the request. It is not necessary to add her to the SUG itself.


All communications with parents (emails, evites, SUG, etc.) require approval from the principal.


Most items will be sent out electronically. If you need a paper flyer to be sent, please email your request to


We ask that records of committee operations be documented so at the end of your term the transition is seamless to the next chair person (even if you plan on chairing the same committee again). At the conclusion of the committee, please make an electronic copy of everything pertaining to the committee and email this to the HSA chairs so they can be uploaded to the HSA Committee site. This should include copies of

  • Flyers sent home
  • Forms submitted to the accountant
  • Business solicitations
  • List of committee members and volunteers

Scheduling Space

To book space for events, please email a request to Note: large events usually require notice at least 3 months in advance, while minor requests usually require notice at least 2 weeks in advance.

Financial Responsibilities

The following is a summary of the procedures to be followed by the committee chairperson(s) for budgets and the reimbursement of expenses.


Some committees will require a budget. If you have any questions as to the budgeted amount, please contact HSA chairs or Principal Kelly Wood. Budgets are pre-approved, so it is imperative that each of you stay within the budgeted amount. Any money needed beyond the budgeted amount, must be pre-approved.


To receive reimbursement for committee spending, a receipt and an Expense Reimbursement Form (see here) are required. No exceptions. Please submit expenses within 30 days of the event to the Business Manager at

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