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Media Center

Welcome to the SCS Media Center!

Media center time is a scheduled time for each grade. Students for lessons in
  • Library, information, and research skills
  • Book related activities
  • Story time or Play and Poetry Reading
  • Academic videos 
  • Quiet study time
  • Checkout time
Extra time is scheduled by class teachers if they need to bring in their students for research.
As long as the center is free, students are welcome to come browse the shelves, relax, and read.

The St. Catherine of Siena’s Media Center is designated as a place for students to explore and enjoy literature and nonfiction material that supplement what they are learning in class, but ultimately, this is a place where a true fondness for reading and books will burgeon. Whether a student needs encouragement to become comfortable and find pleasure with books, or if a student needs challenge and growth, the center offers the opportunity to reach all interests and levels. Through class media sessions, middle school students will begin to be introduced to the proper approach to researching and using a variety of digital databases and print sources in an intellectually valuable and professional way. We aim to create a community of readers that will continue to reach for a book of any genre or form time and time again even after leaving St. Catherine’s.

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