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Christmas Pageant

December 14, 2021

Our school community recently enjoyed the Christmas Pageant. This is a traditional performance at SCS, hosted by the students of the Eighth Grade and featuring students of the Second Grade. The script, taken from both the Old and New Testament, was created by some of our very own Dominican Sisters and the song that the Angel Gabriel sings was written by a Dominican Sister. The music integrates with Religion and Language Arts to bring this beautiful prayer to fruition.

In music class, we study the script and hold auditions for the roles. Most students hold double roles as a choral speaker and dancing or adoring angel; some students play a role as God the Father and play an instrument and sing in the choir. Performance skills are a vital part of this program, but we also delve into the Prophets to discover where each of their monologues come from in the Bible.

The Pageant is a beautiful prayer given to our students, faculty, and families as we await the Christmas Season, and we are so blessed to have the return of this in-person performance!

We wish you a blessed Christmas!

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