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St. Catherine of Siena Stories

Bringing History to Life

May 04, 2024

Students in 3rd and 4th Grade became history detectives this past week in two of our grade level Centers Days.

They embarked on a captivating journey through time, experiencing firsthand the rich traditions of the Native American cultures and the challenges faced by so many during the American Revolution. Imagine crafting your own wigwam house like a Native American, writing with a quill, and deciphering code to keep your messages safe! Students even put their speed to the test in a Minutemen race, dressing in colonial garb against the clock!

This was not simply memorizing dates and facts; our Centers Days are about sparking curiosity, igniting imaginations, and fostering a connection to the past. The minds of these young scholars are now brimming with knowledge and a newfound respect for the stories that shaped our nation, and we are so grateful to our parent volunteers who help us in making this such a memorable experience!

First Holy Communion

April 27, 2024

In a momentous and beautiful occasion, our 2nd Grade students received their First Holy Communion! Their radiant faces, filled with awe and wonder, reflected the profound beauty of this sacred sacrament. As a Catholic school, we are honored to play a role in their sacramental preparation leading to this pivotal moment. We celebrate these young communicants and their families, and we stand committed to supporting them as they continue to grow in their faith and live out their Catholic values in the world.

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