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  • Basketball Registration

    Basketball registration is open for all students 3rd-8th Grade students of St. Catherine of Siena School and St. Catherine of Siena Church.

    The registration fee is $170, and the signup deadline is September 15th. 

    If you have any questions or would like to volunteer in any way, please contact John Saenz at

    Register for SCS Basketball here. 
  • Back to School Nights
    Back to school orientation night will be split into 4 days:
    • Tuesday, August 17th (5:30-8:00PM)—Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grades Back to School Night (See More)
    • Wednesday, August 18th (6:00-7:00PM)—Middle School Back to School Night (See more)
    • Tuesday, August 24th (6:00-7:00PM)—1st Grade Back to School Night (See more)
    • Wednesday, August 26th (6:00-7:00PM)—5th Grade Back to School Night (See more)

    This is a parent only event; no students may attend. 

    All unvaccinated adults must wear a mask.