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What's New with Guidance?

September 09, 2021

All K-5 classes are receiving classroom guidance lessons on a bi-weekly schedule. Every lesson begins with a new mindfulness technique and ends with a minute of kindness and prayer.

Students are learning that mindfulness simply means paying attention to the experiences of paying attention, and they are quickly catching on that the mindfulness techniques we practice can help them calm down when they are hyper, upset, or angry, and it can also help them focus on a test or assignment. The “Minute of Kindness” teaches students something they can do to improve their moods, such as hugging someone they love for six seconds. So far, all K-5 students have had a lesson on identifying and recognizing emotions in ourselves and others.

This week, K-2 will work on personal space. Next week, 3-5 will be learning how choosing “put-ups” instead of “put-downs” can help cultivate a positive school environment.

All Middle School Classes received guidance lessons that highlighted how words make an impact, how what we say can’t be taken back, how to treat others, and how important it is to build each other up and support each other. Classroom discussions emphasized how what we post and say on social media/technology, even when we’re not in school, has an impact on the school environment. Students better understand how their reactions to bullying behaviors either escalate or reduce bullying and that, even as bystanders, they play a major role in creating a safe school environment for all.

Middle School Guidance will continue to be tailored towards the needs of the current classroom environment to build positive interpersonal relationships among peers, increase awareness of personal responsibility, and help students to recognize their own individual strengths and challenges.